Would You Benefit from a Breast Reduction?

Would You Benefit from a Breast Reduction In Michigan?

In addition to breast augmentations for women looking to enhance the size of their breasts, we often see women who are concerned about their large breasts and are looking to reduce them.

Are you wondering if you’re a candidate for a breast reduction? Read on to find out more.

Issues with overly large breasts

Though the thought of having very large breasts may seem appealing to some, many times women who do have sizeable breasts find that they have various issues associated with them.

Large breasts can result in constant back and neck pain, as well as irritation under the breast crease. Other women experience painful indentations in their shoulders from their bra straps.

In addition to the physical issues that come with large breasts, many women don’t feel confident in certain clothing or swimwear. And, oftentimes, large breasts can make a women look top heavy or overall heavier than she is.

But there is good news: A breast reduction can help.

Reducing breast size can be life changing

A breast reduction, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast fat, glandular tissue and skin. This procedure helps women achieve a breast size that is proportionate to their bodies and helps alleviate any physical pain or symptoms associated with large breasts.

Believe it or not, women who undergo breast reduction surgery at our plastic surgery office in metro Detroit often tell us that the procedure was literally life changing for them.

Women who have a breast reduction are not only pain-free afterwards, they also feel more comfortable in their clothing. Many of the clothes they felt they could not wear before, they are now wearing. Other women say that they can better perform the physical activities that they had always wanted to do and, in addition, exercise more easily without their large breasts getting in the way.

In all, a breast reduction can be a truly life-enhancing procedure.

Breast reduction plastic surgeon in metro Detroit

Dr. Andrew is known in and around metro Detroit as a premier plastic surgeon specializing in breast reductions and augmentations. His top-notch skills and education have made him a widely-recognized plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan.

Known for delivering outstanding results, Dr. Andrew takes pride in the unmatched results he provides to his patients. In fact, he was named “Top Plastic Surgeon” by the Consumer Research Council of America for eight consecutive years. Just as important, though, is his kind and caring nature, which patients often share with friends and family, who also become patients!

If you’d like to learn more about your breast reduction or augmentation options at Dr. Andrew’s southeast Michigan plastic surgery office, please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. We look forward to providing you with excellent service and results.