Help Tips For Plastic Surgery In Michigan

Whether you are considering plastic surgery or you have made a commitment to getting a surgical procedure, there are some steps you can take to prepare for the upcoming events. We will go over these help tips for plastic surgery when you come in for your consultation, but this information will give you time to get ready in advance. Here are some preparation tips for cosmetic surgery.

Request Time Off Work

You will need to give your workplace plenty of notice about your upcoming procedure. They do not have to know exactly what is being done, but you do need to request time off. Recovery times will vary, so you will need to talk to your plastic surgeon in Michigan about your specific situation. Dr. Lofman will let you know how long you should allot for after the surgery to heal and regain your energy.

Ask As Many Questions As You Want

We believe in patient education. In fact, we encourage it. If you have any questions about your procedure, do not hesitate to ask. Dr. Lofman or a knowledgeable member of his staff will gladly answer your questions for you. We don’t want you to go into any procedure with fears, concerns, or false expectations. We will make sure you’re completely aware of what’s to come so you can be confident about your results.

Arrange For A Ride To And From Surgery

Some surgical procedures are mildly invasive, while others require an extensive amount of time under anesthesia. No matter how long or short your surgery is, you need someone else to give you a ride home. This should be someone you can trust to get you into your house and make sure you’re settled for healing. It’s nice to have a familiar face when you wake up from the procedure so you feel comfortable in a new environment.

Understand Your Payment Plan (If You Have One)

If you are getting financing for your plastic surgery, make sure you are fully aware of the terms of your payment plan. We can help you arrange the financing, but you should take the time to read through the entire installment agreement. If you have to take time off work that is not paid, you will need to account for that when you plan your monthly bills. As long as you remain informed every step of the way, you should have a pleasant experience with your plastic surgery in Michigan.