How to Ensure Your Breast Implants Look Natural

How to Ensure Your Breast Implants Look Natural

Many women come to Dr. Andrew Lofman’s metro Detroit plastic surgery office seeking information on breast augmentations. After all, he is a top-rated plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in Michigan. But, truth be told, most have at least some apprehension about the procedure. After all, plastic surgery is nothing to take lightly.

An abundance of these concerns relates to whether or not a breast augmentation will look “fake” and obvious. It’s important to understand the steps to take to ensure you are happy with your results and that your breast implants will look as natural as possible.

Here, we go into more detail.

What are your goals?

Well before scheduling your breast augmentation, you should give plenty of thought to the size of breasts you’d like to achieve. Though Dr. Andrew is happy to offer his expert opinion when it comes to the size of implants to choose, the bottom line is, it’s your decision and your decision only. Dr. Andrew always shares with his breast augmentation patients that, at the end of the day, go with what makes you happy…no one else.

During your consultation, Dr. Andrew will offer a plethora of before and after photos of previous breast augmentation patients, so you can better determine which implant size suits you. Additionally, to further help determine the size of implants you want, it’s helpful to do your own research online. This means finding images of women who have similar frames to your own and learning which breast size you like on them. You may even wish to bring in photos to share with Dr. Andrew during your consultation. Try to find images of women who are standing up and have little to no clothing on their breasts to get an accurate gauge.

Follow aftercare protocol

Once you’ve decided on an implant size and undergo your procedure, there are still steps to take to help your breasts heal properly and look their best. Dr. Andrew will detail your aftercare protocol and it should be followed precisely.

This protocol includes taking it easy for two weeks and no lifting of heavy objects for two months. You should also take care to support your breasts with either a sports bra that offers plenty of support or a surgical bra (we will make recommendations) as well as avoid sleeping on your stomach as this can hinder healing by adding excess pressure to your breasts. Also, light massaging of the breasts can help them relax into place.

Your southeast Michigan plastic surgeon

When considering a breast augmentation, or plastic surgery of any kind, the first step is to begin with a consultation with a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Andrew Lofman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan. His patients choose him for his skill, no doubt, but also for his kind and compassionate nature. Dr. Andrew always takes the time to listen to his patients’ goals and concerns in order to recommend the best and most effective solutions that will garner unmatched results.

When you choose Dr. Andrew, you can have confidence knowing that your body is in capable, trustworthy and highly experienced hands. His patients consistently refer friends and family members because they are elated with their own results. To him, that is the best compliment to receive.

If you’re ready to explore cosmetic surgery solutions, call Dr. Andrew’s office to schedule your consultation.