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Body Treatment

The most common type of body contouring patients Dr. Andrew Lofman sees are those who have had children and who have lost their skin elasticity and have areas of fatty tissue that makes them look disproportionate.

Dr. Lofman’s office for plastic surgery and body contouring in Birmingham, Michigan is a premier choice for many patients because of his reputation for quick healing, tasteful operations that are catered to each person’s unique body type and features.










Mommy Makeover

Becoming a mom can be one of life’s greatest gifts; however, many women experience a variety of physical changes after having children that may be difficult to reverse with diet and exercise. (Learn More)

Tummy Tuck


Fat Transfer

Buttock augmentation or reshaping can improve the appearance of the entire lower back and buttock region. This is accomplished by performing liposuction of the body and then transferring the fatty tissue into the buttock area to create a rounder, perkier appearing buttock. (Learn More)

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