What to Know About a Blepharoplasty

What to Know About a Blepharoplasty

For many people, droopy eyelids are more than an aesthetic concern. Oftentimes, sagging lids can hinder one’s ability to see well and even cause injury.

By the age of 40, most people’s eyelids begin to lose the elasticity in the tissue, thus, causing a drooping effect. This can happen even though the rest of face may be youthful in appearance. This can also make the eyes appear smaller or “squinty,” while making you look tired and older.

Fortunately, a blepharoplasty (also known as an eyelid lift) can be a viable solution to this concern. If you think you have a blepharoplasty on the horizon, here’s what you should know.

How does a blepharoplasty work?

Dr. Andrew Lofman has been performing this treatment for years in his metro Detroit plastic surgery office. His skill and experience allow him to bring excellent results to this intricate procedure. With a customized approach to every patient he sees, an eyelid lift uses a variety of techniques.

The treatment includes the removal of extra skin on the upper lid, as well as extra fat in the eyelid. He can also remove extra fat and skin from the lower lid if necessary. A small incision is made along your eye’s crease and fat, skin and muscle are removed or redistributed through this cut. Then, the incision is closed.

Eyelid lift aftercare

A blepharoplasty is an outpatient treatment; however, it does require special aftercare.

Following your procedure, you can expect to temporarily experience watering eyes or blurred vision, sensitivity to light, puffy lids, slight discomfort or bruising. You’ll want to ice your eyes for 10 minutes per hour the evening of your surgery then several times the next day. You should gently wash your lids with the ointment Dr. Andrew prescribes and avoid any strenuous activity for one week. Don’t rub your eyes and don’t wear contact lenses for a week following surgery.

You may wish to wear dark sunglasses to protect your lids from wind and sun, as well as sleep with your head raised higher than normal. Further, you should avoid any blood-thinning medications or supplements for one week following surgery. Within a few days, Dr. Andrew will remove your stitches if necessary.

Blepharoplasty in Michigan

Dr. Andrew Lofman is proud to offer eyelid lifts in Michigan in his metro Detroit plastic surgery office. As an expert in cosmetic surgery in southeast Michigan, Dr. Andrew has had the privilege of transforming the faces and bodies of thousands of patients over his decade-long career.

The reason so many people choose Dr. Andrew is not only for his unmatched skill but also his compassion. Dr. Andrew takes the time to listen to his patient’s concerns and goals. He takes care to recommend the treatments that will garner the very best results for them, and his top priority is always patient safety.

As a RealSelf Top Doctor and as a leader in plastic surgery in Michigan, Dr. Andrew’s skill runs the gamut, from eyelid lifts to Botox and dermal filler to liposuction and tummy tuck to breast augmentation and more. If you’re ready to enjoy more self-confidence and a better quality of life, contact Dr. Andrew now for your consultation. He and his team look forward to serving you.