When is the Best Time for a Breast Augmentation?

When is the Best Time for a Breast Augmentation?

If you are thinking about undergoing breast augmentation in metro Detroit, you may be wondering just when is the “best” time for you to have the procedure.

Well we get asked this question quite often, actually. And the answer is that the right time can be different for everyone based on your individual lifestyle, family and work obligations and financial situation.

However, we have two pieces of advice to help you make the right decision as to when it would be best for you to schedule your breast augmentation.

Assess your schedule and support

As busy mothers, wives and professionals, today’s women are busier than ever. However, it is possible to make your breast augmentation dream a reality with a little planning. After all, it’s important to make yourself a priority.

For women with jobs outside of the home, we recommend that you plan on taking at least a week off, sometimes even a bit longer. So planning ahead in terms of your vacation time is wise.

If you have kids, you’ll want to ensure that you have the support of a spouse, family member or friend, as there will be regular, routine tasks you will be unable to perform. For example, you cannot drive while on pain medication (typically a week), so you will want to plan ahead for your children’s transportation needs.

Additionally, heavy lifting and exercise must be avoided for roughly six weeks. Things like carrying groceries or pickup up a baby are off limits. And if your job is manual in nature, that should be carefully considered, as well.

Assess your financial situation

Similarly to saving for another big life purchase, like a vacation, a car or an expensive piece of jewelry, saving for a breast augmentation is definitely doable. Breast augmentations today are surprisingly affordable, so putting aside funds when you are able can get you to your goal quicker than you may think.

However, for those unable to save for the procedure, Dr. Andrew Lofman offers a variety of financing. Our partnerships with some of the best lenders out there let you get the procedure you want now, while paying it off over time.

A surgeon and staff who care

Dr. Andrew Lofman is here to assist you with any and all questions you may have about breast augmentation and plastic surgery. As a premier plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Andrew Lofman has helped guide hundreds of women just like you throughout the breast augmentation process.

Are you interested in exploring your options from a premier plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in metro Detroit? Please call us today to schedule your consultation. We look forward to hearing from you…and helping you feel your very best!