Why More and More Men are Seeking Plastic Surgery Treatments

Why More and More Men are Seeking Plastic Surgery Treatments

When you think of plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments, you may automatically think of treatments like a breast augmentation or mommy makeover, or other treatments geared toward women. However, the truth is, more and more men are learning of the vast benefits of cosmetic surgery and other treatments and undergoing them. Keep reading for more on this.

Today’s changing face of cosmetic surgery

Gender is no factor when it comes to wanting to look and feel your best. As such, today more than ever, men are seeking out the treatments that will help them feel as such. In fact, in recent years, male plastic surgery has increased over 40 percent.

This is due to both an increase in treatments for men combined with advancements in the industry that make attaining plastic surgery easier than ever. Dr. Andrew’s Bloomfield Hills plastic surgery office has treated countless men with options that help them achieve the height of confidence in their appearance.

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Treatments geared toward men

Dr. Andrew Lofman is proud to be a plastic surgery and cosmetic treatment provider for both men and women. In his metro Detroit plastic surgery office, there are several treatments that are benefiting his male patients, particularly.

A male breast reduction is a treatment for excess fat in the chest, or a condition known as gynecomastia. This condition can be embarrassing to men and give a feminine appearance. A male breast reduction removes excess fat and tissue in the chest area for a more sculpted and tight appearance.

Further, many men are unsatisfied with the excess fat around their waistline, which can often be resistant to exercise and diet. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are viable solutions for this concern and can offer a tighter, more contoured abdomen regardless of your age.

Finally, like women, aging men are looking to do something about the appearance of their faces and necks. Dr. Andrew offers neck lifts and face lifts to help address loose, sagging skin and restore a firmer, more youthful look and a stronger profile.

As always, Dr. Andrew customizes each patient’s treatment to their specific goals and needs in order to achieve the best result possible.

Your metro Detroit board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr. Andrew Lofman is a plastic surgeon of choice in Michigan and his patients travel to him from all over the state and country because of his reputation. Known for providing unmatched transformations on the face and body, Dr. Andrew is keenly skilled in the aesthetics of the human body and face and has a lengthy list of credentials that set him apart in the industry.

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Andrew is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in general, restorative and cosmetic surgery. He is a trusted plastic surgeon in southeast Michigan due to this and due to his focus on patient education and safety. His use of only the latest and most advanced techniques and tools help him to ensure the aforementioned, along with stellar results.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Andrew’s solutions for your body or facial concerns, call him today to schedule your consultation and start your journey to more self-confidence.